Still waiting

Well…UPS couldn’t figure out the buzzer from the address so now my tester onboard HD monitor is sitting in a warehouse while the delivery folks of the world take a four day long weekend. I thought private companies made their folks work on time no matter what? It’s a bit of a drag as I wanted to take the gear out on our weekend trip and do some tests.

Also waiting delivery of the new Lensbaby Composers and aperture inserts. Does Canada Post deliver on Saturday? I hope so (blast…no they don’t). We are going to a place with thousands of suspended crystals… What better place to test those lenses.

I hope my patience isn’t the only thing I get to test this weekend. Sigh.

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Waiting for Cool stuff

I am currently prepping and testing gear for a 10 minute visual short film about meditation with director Michael Rymer (Battlestar Galatica, and the new NBC pilot “17th Precinct”). The whole project will be shot on Canon 5Ds and 7Ds/60Ds so we are gathering all the gear that makes shooting feature film style imagery possible. Michael directed a feature film, Face2Face on DSLRs (lensed by DOP/Photographer Dennys Ilic) and it is doing very well on the festival circuit. It recently won the Independent SPirit award at Santa Barbara from Panavision. The award came with a rental package prize, which we will put towards Michael’s next DSLR feature…which is in fast-track development.

So we are quickly gathering some amazing industry support and we are now awaiting delivery of some very cool sponsored gear. If any suppliers out there want us to put your great tools to the test for a great cause – and receive footage and write ups in exchange…please do reach out!

SmallHD ( has just sent out their D6 on board HD monitor for us to try and when their new D4 monitor with viewfinder is ready to ship we will be kindly provided with that. Reviews and tests to follow.

LensBaby ( – I can’t say enough about the creative potential that this line of lenses offers, is providing a couple of versions of their Composer lenses while we wait for the new Composer Pro to arrive. I shot with the Composer on 17th Precinct and it became part of the look for the inner experiences of the lead character. This technique should likely continue if the show is picked up. The new Lensbaby Pro addresses some issues that we wrestled with in a production environment, mainly being able to lock in the sweet spot of focus. Can’t wait to try that out!

We are also hoping to get support from Zacuto for their superb handheld gear and follow focus set-up and from Tiffen/Steadi-cam. We purchased a Steadi-cam Merlin (amazingly beautiful device) but are hoping to obtain the vest and arm that can go with it.

And of course there is you Canon…we are after a 60D for slow motion and your beautiful 50mm prime and your incredible new 70-200mm!

Watch for the unwrapping and testing of some of the new gear this week.

Thanks for visiting!

Craig Anderl and DOP John Bartley, ASC

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