Likes & Links




Todos Santos/El Prescadero, Baja Sur, MX

Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India

Taos and Santa Fe, NM

NYC (all of it)

Los Angeles (almost all of it)

Vancouver, Whistler, Salt Spring Island, Savory Island…well all of BC actually….

Montreal – all of it but also  –



2 Responses to Likes & Links

  1. Ok, so i see you’re going to have two aspects to this blog…i googled a ton of cool templates. Check out “Photography templates for WordPress” or something to that effect. Also, don’t forget to put your “likes” above as LINKS so that people can press on them and go to the site you are referencing.

    That’s my email above if you have questions…you seem like a nice guy so i’m happy to help.

    Lynn MacDonald

    • craigVanderl says:

      Thanks Lynn – Glad to have your help. I’ll check out your blog in more detail when I catch up with all of this. I did do some googling and there are some great photo/video templates….just have to try them out and see what works best. Any other tips always appreciated. Nice to have you visit. Cheers,


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