Mini-monolith – The iphone 4

I resisted getting a ‘smart phone’ for as long as I thought I could. I had seen how the bright shiny ‘Retina’ screen of the iphone 4 progressively demanded the attention of its owner, quickly taking over from all other distractions, including dinner companions. It changed the way you interacted with the world.

Then I got one. It’s probably the most amazing piece of technology I have ever indulged in. For me, it’s all about the apps. Like most newbies I probably downloaded 25 apps as soon as I got the thing. Over time I’ve culled and acquired more specific tools for my preferences and needs. After a period of months, I’ve grown accustomed to the interface and so some of the initial ‘magic’ has worn off. It’s becoming just another ‘thing’ that happens to do very cool stuff  – yet costs me significant money on a monthly basis.

I really appreciate internet access via 3G. And I appreciate the wi-fi feature when traveling to stay connected. I only really need the one device. What I don’t appreciate is the massive amount of data tracking and complete and total mapping of my every move via embedded GPS location positioning. This is shadowy to me.

I guess I am willing to trade my relative anonymity for the beauty of the 5 megapixel HD camera, specifically coupled with the Hipstamatic app and the Almost DSLR app. Both make this device an incredible machine for gathering images and enabling one to visually interpret one’s world. And for providing an incredibly easy way to share these images widely with others.

This device is a major player in the human/technological evolution. I’m not sure where it will take me, or us.

But for now, thanks for the pics!

Littlest bird.


About craigVanderl

I like to make pictures & make them move... shooting for tv, features and short films. At the moment I'm using the Canon 5D, 7D & 60D - along with all the wonderful add-ons made by clever supporters of independent cinema. I like old things that wind up. I love beauty & those who can see it & make. I love to meditate but I have a hard time sitting still. I'm traveller through time trying not to get too dizzy....
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2 Responses to Mini-monolith – The iphone 4

  1. damn…now i want to go trade in my old iPhone for the new one!

  2. craigVanderl says:

    Its worth it for the camera. Depends on when your contract is up?

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