Still waiting

Well…UPS couldn’t figure out the buzzer from the address so now my tester onboard HD monitor is sitting in a warehouse while the delivery folks of the world take a four day long weekend. I thought private companies made their folks work on time no matter what? It’s a bit of a drag as I wanted to take the gear out on our weekend trip and do some tests.

Also waiting delivery of the new Lensbaby Composers and aperture inserts. Does Canada Post deliver on Saturday? I hope so (blast…no they don’t). We are going to a place with thousands of suspended crystals… What better place to test those lenses.

I hope my patience isn’t the only thing I get to test this weekend. Sigh.


About craigVanderl

I like to make pictures & make them move... shooting for tv, features and short films. At the moment I'm using the Canon 5D, 7D & 60D - along with all the wonderful add-ons made by clever supporters of independent cinema. I like old things that wind up. I love beauty & those who can see it & make. I love to meditate but I have a hard time sitting still. I'm traveller through time trying not to get too dizzy....
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One Response to Still waiting

  1. Well that’s a bummer…i hope you have a great weekend anyways. Take care and enjoy those chrystals

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